Beike Electric Group co., LTD (hereafterreferredto as CNBK ) which was formerly knownas Beikai Electric Group co., LTD isa large private enterprise which mainly engaged in industrial electric,simultaneouslyinvolves in several other fields including hotel, energy, investment and otherfield. CNBK have 5 core subsidiaries, more than 200 cooperative enterprises andover 280 sales networks. CNBKis one of domestic major manufacturers ofhigh and low voltage electrical control equipment, power transformer, high andlow voltage electrical component ,electrical wire & cable, on-linemonitoring and controlling System and electric power automation equipment.CNBK established in 2006 with a registeredcapital of 100.06 millionin Dayun, Jiashan, Zhejiang province. It just takesone-hour to drive to Shanghai, Hangzhou, or Suzhou, which is very convenient insense of traffic, human resource, and material suppliers。Withstrong technical expertise, advanced technological equipment and efficientmanagement …

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